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Embrace your wild side and take on the best drive of your life!

Wet'n'Wild BUGGY is the newest and coolest purpose-built adventure track right here at Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast. Strap yourself into our army spec Buggy and get ready for a 1.2km long track riddled with rocks, water obstacles, crazy tunnels, hills, jumps and more!

Licensed Drivers can drive on their own with the safety of an instructor to assist with navigation of hardcore obstacles and getting the most enjoyment out of the experience. Non-licensed Drivers (age 5+ and 100cm+) are accompanied with an instructor in a dual control-buggy to assist in turning, breaking and acceleration to guide them through our Wet'n'Wild Buggy track.

Embrace your wild!

  • 50+ challenging obstacles
  • Water obstacles, jumps, tunnels, 7 x tyre obstacles, 7 x log obstacles, 45 degree walls, 30 degree long bends and hills!
  • Purpose-built track covering a land area of 30,000 square metres
  • Natural bush track accessed through Wet’n’Wild
  • 1.2km of pure excitement
  • Army spec vehicles

Wet’n’Wild Buggy experiences are not included in the price of entry and need to be purchased separate to park Admission and Season Memberships.

To ensure you have the best experience possible, Wet’n’Wild Buggy will provide T-shirts, Shorts, Shoes and Socks for your Wild Buggy driving session if you’re unable to provide your own. All items are free for hire and will need to be returned once your experience has finished. Guests are welcome to bring their own clothing, shoes and socks if they do not wish to use those supplied by Wet’n’Wild Buggy.

Please wear appropriate clothing to meet weather conditions and to take into account that water or mud around the course may enter the buggy.

Wet’n’Wild Buggy sessions can be booked in-park at the Wet’n’Wild Buggy site right next to Kamikaze.

For guests that don’t have a valid Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast entry ticket, please arrive at Wet’n’Wild Guest Services 30 minutes prior to your designated drive time. Guests services is located on the left hand side of the ramp at the front of the park.


Or call 1300 317 409

Operating Hours

Wet’n’Wild Buggy has seasonal operating hours and is currently open Wednesday through to Sunday inside Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast.